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Window Cleaning and Benefits of Hiring a Company

In today’s world, we are always short of time for our most important jobs. In such a scenario, we don’t want to get stuck with the smaller jobs like cleaning the window. In addition to this, we don’t have enough skill to do the job of cleaning the window. These are the chief reasons why we favor a commercial window cleaning service over doing the job ourselves. 

In case of larger malls and buildings that are commercial, one cannot do the job of window cleaning by himself. The work needs to be outsourced to a much more qualified and capable group of people. This is where the commercial window cleaning companies come in very handy. These professionals have all the required equipment for cleaning the windows ranging from the spray bottles to the required soaps and detergents. Also, they specialize in accessing the areas that are otherwise inaccessible. However, one should not give the job of window cleaning to any commercial window cleaning company, but do an extensive study before handing over the work to them. 

The first and the foremost thing that you expect from your window cleaning company is that they should properly understand the structure and construction of your building. Without this, it is not possible for them to do justice to their job. It becomes much more critical to understand the construction of the building, when the building is old and has larger windows. Also, it is necessary to check if the company that you are opting for is equipped with proper supplies.

Studies have shown that window cleaning is one of the top reasons that accidents happen in home and workplace, falling from a window ledge could lead to an unpleasant and expensive trip to the emergency room. If you are having issues cleaning windows don’t beat yourself up about it, just hire a professional cleaner. A professional window cleaner will do this unpleasant chore for you, they are skilled experts when it comes to cleaning windows and are far less likely to injure themselves in the process.

Some of the many benefits you will enjoy if you hire a window cleaning specialist:

Save Time.Cleaning windows takes precious time out of you day you could be using to do more important tasks, specifically reaching higher ones and it takes far more time if you don’t use the right tools. A window cleaning company can provide you staff who are window experts and can finish the job far quicker than an average homeowner, they clean windows every day. The cleaners are also equipped with the right tools and have more effective cleaning products so they will achieve more high quality results.

Save Money. If you want to learn how to clean windows with a streak free appearance you can watch and observe the cleaners washing your windows from the start of the process till finish. If you do this on your own you will need to buy various professional window cleaning supplies such as ladders, extension poles, squeegees, static-free cloths, special cleaning solutions and more this can be costly and depending on the surface area, wasteful. Cleaning equipment is not be cheap and in the long run it may just be cheaper to hire the window cleaners and save yourself the hassle.

Save Effort. Windows are fragile and if you are cleaning it you must always check regularly to make sure they are not damaged to avoid injury. Professional cleaners can repair damaged or broken windows and you can actually save plenty on labor as they have package rates for this kind of situation. Instead of hiring a repairman to fix your window, you may want to give the task to your cleaner. This way, you will only deal with one company that can give you a bundle of services at a lower rate.

A window cleaning company will often also offer services like end-of-lease cleaning, pest control, construction clean up, tinting, gutter cleaning, repainting and more. Do research online if you want to know more about extra window services that specific cleaners offer well as you can assess your home on which areas need repairs and cleaning.

Hiring a window cleaning specialist is always a great idea when you want to save time, money and effort.

There are more important things to attend than cleaning a window. You will be saved from unnecessary stress when you leave your windows to the experts

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Thermo Pure Reach Provides the Best Window Cleaning Process

What is Thermo Pure Reach?

Thermo Pure Reach and Wash systems use 100% pure de-ionised water that is heated to 80 degrees. Hot water has always been known for providing a better clean and water that is pure and heated is less dense and is therefore able to absorb more dirt and dry to an incredible finish. 

Instead of washing windows with detergent that has previously been the conventional way, Thermo Pure uses highly purified water. This is water that contains less than 10ppm dissolved solids and is obtained through a process called, reverse osmosis. Thermo Pure Reach system allows window cleaners to reach higher, clean windows faster while being safer with outstanding cleaning results. The system can cut through the most stubborn dirt and residue that collects on windows and is effective in any type of weather.

Glass and carbon fibre poles can telescope up to 80 feet delivering heated pure water to an attached brush head to remove the dirt left by elements on windows. The soft bristled brush is able to scrub the dirt while the pure water rinses it away. The large amount of water produced through the system is a powerful cleaning agent and it provides spotless, streak-free cleaning. The systems can produce over 1000 liters of heated pure water while operators breeze through cleaning, removing even the toughest residue.

Benefits of the system

The Thermo Pure Reach system cleans much more efficiently than conventional window washing methods as the heated Pure Water is a better clean than cold. It leaves a spot-free finish and greatly reduces the drying time. Since there are no detergents or chemicals used the windows will stay cleaner longer as there is no sticky residue. This is also a more environmental friendly method of cleaning and is in compliance with EU regulations.

Using the Thermo Pure Reach system is a safer method of cleaning for workers. They are able to work from the safety of the ground without the need for ladders and high access equipment which can reduce the costs and ensure a safer environment. The Reach system allows them to reach areas that were previously inaccessible such as those with flower beds or shrubs in front of them with ease. At the same time the glass is cleaned the frames can also be cleaned. Window cleaners find they are able to work at least twice as fast with the telescopic poles. These water fed poles have been developed specifically to meet the recommendations of the Health and Safety Laboratory.

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Advice on the Effects of Sugar

According to the World Health Organization, a UN agency, the daily intake of sugar should not be more than about 25g. There are many bad effects sugar can cause, from hormone imbalance to heart disease, which is why it is recommended to limit the consumption to that amount. The problem is, people are not even aware which foods contain sugar and how much of it. That is one of the reasons why, on average, people consume several times the recommended amount. 

The average daily intake of sugar of a person is India is about 53g, which is over a double of the WHO recommended amount. Things are even worse in the EU, Mexico, Spain and Russia, all of which have an average over 100g. The worst is Brazil, where people consume over 150 grams of sugar each day!

The nutritive value of sugar is non-existent. It contains neither minerals nor vitamins. In fact, sugar is a hundred percent carbohydrate. Its caloric value is 387, which come from simple carbs. These carbohydrates are made of one or two sugar molecules, which makes them easy to digest, making sugar the quickest source of energy. Still, that doesn’t mean that sugar will make a person more energized. The opposite is the truth – after the initial sugar rush, which last only a short period, the energy level will drop. 


Being easy to digest, it is also easy to storage – the calories from sugar can easily be turned into fat. In fact, sugar is much worse when it comes to weight than fat. A body needs about 2,000 kcal per day to function properly, but only about 5% of those should come from sugars. Fat and protein are needed for various processes of the body, while sugar serves only as fuel. Work out seems pointless if the sugar intake is large – even an hour of aerobic will not break even if the sugar intake is over 100g.

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About Auto Golf Spain

Auto Golf Spain is a club for expats (Ex British citizens) where we basically get together and play golf, but we have this website for posting future events so we can make sure everyone in the group knows about our play dates.

Next one is set for September 12th 2016 by the way.

The site will also give good advice on how we can live better lives so we can keep playing on with our (poor) golf games for a long time to come.

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